Duck in beer

Although the dish is for 2, it’s so good that I can almost eat everything alone. 😀

Fish soup with cod

I can eat fish every day, so have to fins many different ways to cook. And this is one of them, simple and delicious!

BBQ meat on the stick

Fancy to try something taste different rather than what alway can buy in the shop. 😉

Eggplant with Bell pepper

It tastes so good that each time when I make this dish, I think that I’m a legend in food cooking. 😀

Bake sweet potet in 2 different ways

Ingidients: sweet potato Method 1:  Roast in oven Heat the oven to 225 degrees, put sweet potato in the oven with a paper under and bake for 40 minutes Done Method 2: Micro sweet potato Use a bit smaller and thinner sweet potato, wash well Wrap in a wet paper towels Put in microwave, cook one side first…

Chicken pop corn

ingredients: Chicken breast             200g (if legs meat even better) egg                                       1 Hvetmel                            50g Spice: Chilli powder     …

Fried minced meat with tomato and chilli

ingredients: Minced meat                          250g tomato                                       2 Chilli                                  …


ingredients: okra                       200-300g Spice: garlic                     1 Chilli                      1-2 Soy sauce            2 tbsp Balsamico          1 tbsp…