Rice pot with sausage and vegetables

  • Portion:                                              2
  • Time:                                                   25min
  • Difficulty:                                         3/10


  • Rice                                                      100g
  • Aroma Mushrooms                    100g
  • Sausage                                             100g (the rest of the sausages I used for the BBQ)
  • broccoli                                             150g


  • Soy sauce                                          2tbsp
  • Oyster sauce                                  1tbsp
  • oil                                                          1 tsp

Boil the rice in a pot with 2dl water for about 6 min to water decreases (If you have induction, cook on lower temperature)

While the rice is boiling, cut sausages, broccoli and mushrooms into slices

Mix 2tbsp soy sauce, oyster sauce 1tbsp, 1tsp olive oil and 0.3 dl of water in a bowl

After the rice has cooked for about 6 minutes, add the sausage, mushrooms and broccoli on top of the rice and cook on very very low heat for another 10min, with the lid on

Pour the sauce over the dish, cook on low heat for another 5 min with lid on.