A little Chinese, alittle Chinese
She mixes and roasts, mixes and roasts
Soon the food finished, soon the food finished
Haba haba haba, haba haba haba
Oh yeah


We often say that grass is always greener on the other side. But when comes to the food matters, Chinese think that grass is always greener on our own side.

I moved away from China since 14 years ago, that time I couldn’t cook. So I do as the Romans do, that means I ate as all the others ate at university and back to student apartment. And because I often don’t feel satisfied after the daily meal, I started to eat lots snacks at the side. Lots! So my weight just climbed and climbed. And I still felt that I needed to eat something, due to the taste of the food, was, quite plain.

I started to learn to make food that my taste used to, and since work at the design field, I, of course, make the food follows the mood. Day after day, I realised that I started to eat much less snacks on the side because my mouth and my sense of taste was satisfied. And without certainly thinking about how I can lose those fat, my weight went down. And to my surprise, friends around me started to give a lot of compliments on the food I made and ask me how I cooked this or that. So from just adding and cooking thing by mood, I started to consciously memory down the recipes, till one day a friend’s birthday wish was a food recipe from me. That how I started this blog.