Duck in beer

  • Portion:                                                   2
  • Time:                                                         40min
  • Difficulty:                                                2/10



  • Duck breast                                          350-400g (leg tastes better and strange enough that it costs less too, but I only found breast today)
  • beer                                                           1
  • Paprika                                                     1 large or 2 small (I used 1 small red, half green and half yellow to get nicer colours)


  • Ginger                                                        6-7 slices
  • garlic                                                           1
  • Chilli                                                            2 (I used 1 green and 1 red because the colour looks nicer)
  • Spring onions                                         1
  • Soy sauce                                                 3tbsp
  • sugar                                                           1 tsp

Cut the duck into about 3-4cm large dices, ginger, garlic and chilli to slices

Fry ginger, garlic, chilli and duck breast in a pan on high heat for about 5min, stir fry frequently (It doesn’t need any oil, because lots of oil coming out of duck breast while frying)

pour in 3 tablespoons soy sauce, 1 teaspoon sugar, mix well for about 1 minute

Pour in the beer until it covers duck, and boil at low heat for 30min with a lid on. Then the meat is tender and all the alcohol is gone.

While duck is boiling, cut peppers into pieces and spring onions into slices

Change to high heat, add the peppers and spring onion and cook for 2 minutes

Enjoying while it’s hot! 😀