Steamed cod

  • Portion:                               2
  • Time:                                    10 min
  • Difficulty:                           3/10


  • Cod                                        around 400g


  • Spring                                    onions 1
  • Ginger                                   2 slices
  • Soy sauce                            2 tbsp (If you do not like soy sauce, use 1 tsp salt instead)
  • Butter                                    some
  • pepper                                  little
  • Whisky                                 1tbsp (Alcohol makes the meat more tender, but can be omitted if desired)

Sprinkle pepper and pour whisky on the fish in a deep plate (better with white pepper powder for it looks nicer, but I didn’t find this time.)

Boil water in a pan

Shred scallions and ginger, scallions divided in white and green

Add ginger and the white part of green onions on the fish, pour into 2 tbsp soy sauce, and finally add a little butter on the top (I bought unsalted cod, if you can find only lightly salted, then only need 1tbsp soy sauce.)

Steam fish with lid on at high temperature for 5 minutes (the water level should not over the edge of the plate)

Remove from heat and keep lid on for another 2 min (It’s important that in the total steaming and resting 7 minutes, Do Not open the lid)

Remove the ginger and the white part of green onions and garnish with the green part of scallions

The fish melts on the tongue 😀