Pork slice fried with vegetables


  • Pork                                  approx. 250g
  • aprika                              1
  • Green onions              1


  • Chilli                                1
  • Garlic                              1
  • Soy sauce                     2tbsp
  • Oyster sauce             1tbsp


Cut pork into slices and marinate with 1 tablespoon oyster sauce, cut green onion, paprika, chilli and garlicIMG_0983

Fry garlic and chilli in the preheated pan with oil on medium heatIMG_0984

Mix the meat and roast on high heatIMG_0985

When the meat changes color, mix the paprika andgreen onion, cook for 1 minIMG_0987

Mix in soy sauceIMG_0989

Tada !!!



  • Cut meat across the meat fibers make meat more tender
  • While meat fried, please use high heat and less time also will make meat more tender

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